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My Background

About me


I have over 15 years experience as a social researcher with a particular interest in parenting, education and family life. I currently work as a motivational speaker and am passionate about bridging the gap between academic research and parenting. I pride myself on my ability to translate complex concepts from research evidence, into easy-to-apply tips.

I am a strong and effective communicator with the ability to adapt material to a range of audiences in a way that engages interest and leads to sustained participation. I work in partnership with a range of academics, research bodies and organisations who share my passion for evidence-based approaches. I have a strong academic background but consider myself a down-to-earth, practical individual, with an eye for mining research material that will be impactful when introduced to anyone working with children and young people.


I studied for my undergraduate degree in Common and Civil Law at Queen’s University in Northern Ireland and Belgium and completed a Masters and Doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Professor Sir Anthony Bottoms. My doctoral work was carried out at the Institute of Criminology; it explored processes through which turning point events can transform human behaviour and the mechanisms through which positive change can be sustained. Following that I worked for many years in policy research and in latter years as a research fellow in the School of Education, University of Hertfordshire, where I maintain a role as visiting lecturer, speaker and doctoral supervisor.

Experienced communicator

  • I deliver small and large-scale talks to school audiences across the country. Since 2015, I have delivered over 50 talks.

  • I am a regular speaker on BBC Three Counties (Family Panel) and expert contributor on issues relating to education, parenting and family life.

  • For the last eight years, I have co-produced a weekly, live radio show for parents in Hertfordshire and interviewed some of the worlds biggest names in education (e.g. Carole Dweck)

  • In 2017 and 2018, I hosted the Herts Advertiser School Awards, live on the radio, which celebrates the achievements of students, teachers and schools.

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Blogger & Author

Since 2015, I have blogged for the Huffington Post (parenting section), sites such as PTA UK, magazines (such as Independent School Parent), The Chartered Institute of IT, and am co-author of Bloomsbury's 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Engaging Parents (Publication date: Dec, 2018).