Dr Kathy Weston’s Podcast

This podcast series helps parents get a grip on some of the most important questions in parenting today. Tune in to hear interviews with the biggest influencers and most eminent researchers working in the areas of mental health, wellbeing, psychology and education as well as my thoughts on the things that are going on in the world, of relevance to loving parents everywhere!

Episode 53

Dr Weston Talks with Professor William Pickett and Professor Wendy Craig: Social Media Use and Cyberbullying

In this episode, Dr Weston talks with Canadian researchers Dr William Pickett and Dr Wendy Craig about their findings linking intense and problematic social media use with cyberbullying, particularly for girls. They discuss the findings of their research and give advice to parents on how to educate children about digital literacy, to lower the risk of being bullied, or bullying, online. They also talk about the impact of COVID-19 on social media habits and sexting.

Episode 52

Dr Weston Talks with Peter Worley: 'Doing Philosophy' with Children

In this episode, Dr Weston talks to Peter Worley about how to cultivate philosophical enquiry in children. They discuss what philosophy is, what sort of questions will get our children thinking philosophically and what the benefits are, both at home and at school. Peter, who is CEO of The Philosophy Foundation, outlines his own dialectical method for teaching children philosophy in classrooms.

Episode 51

Dr Weston talks with Andy Robertson: The Benefits of Gaming

In this episode, Dr Weston talks to gaming and family technology expert Andy Robertson. They discuss all of the positive learning opportunities that games can offer and the optimal ways to engage with children about their digital world. They explore games which promote critical thinking, empathy and better communication and examine how the skills developed through gaming can translate to other scenarios.

Episode 50

Dr Weston talks with Professor Michael Lamb: Building Parental Confidence and Successful Co-Parenting

In this episode, Dr Weston talks to Professor Michael Lamb about building parental confidence and self-esteem. They discuss how both biological and step-parents can improve and maintain healthy, strong and loving bonds with their children, as well as focusing on the benefits of an authoritative parenting style.

Episode 49

Dr Kathy Weston Talks with Jacqui Oatley MBE: Parenting in a Pandemic (TUE)

In this special episode, guest presenter Jacqui Oatley MBE turns the tables and interviews Kathy to help parents get a grip on the key issues of parenting through the pandemic. They discuss ways to juggle home-learning and home-working, ways to bring routine into your daily life and how to support children through the challenges of lockdown. Jacqui Oatley MBE is a sports presenter, well known as the first female commentator on BBC One’s Match of the Day.  She is an FA qualified football coach, an ambassador for Women in Football and a committee member of the Football Writers’ Association. 

Episode 48

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Michaela James: Encouraging Teenage Girls to Be Physically Active

In this episode, Dr Weston talks to Dr Michaela James about declining levels of physical activity for teenage girls. They discuss teenagers’ thoughts about school PE lessons and examine what the research shows would increase participation. Listen out for some great, simple ways that you can nurture a love of physical activity in your children, which, if sustained, will have long term physical and mental health benefits.

Episode 47

Dr Weston Talks with Professor Helen Dodd: The Importance of Play

In this episode, Dr Weston talks to Professor Helen Dodd about the crucial importance of play in children’s development. The examine the relationship between adventurous play and anxiety and discuss how parents can facilitate effective play. As a leading expert on children’s mental health, Professor Dodd also describes the main features of anxiety and when parents should worry.

Episode 46

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Jeffrey DeMarco: Parenting in the Digital Age, Radicalisation and Sexual Exploitation

In this episode, Dr Weston talks to Dr Jeffrey DeMarco about how we should engage with our children about the online world. They discuss the importance of teaching skills such as digital literacy, fact-checking and critical thinking, to ensure that children can access the amazing resources on the internet safely. They also talk about online radicalisation and sexual exploitation, and how to protect children against these threats.

Episode 45

Dr Weston Talks with Professor Siobhan O'Neill: Children's Mental Health in Northern Ireland

In this episode, Dr Weston talks to Professor Siobhan O’Neill about her research into mental health in Northern Ireland. They explore issues relating to trans-generational trauma, suicide and self-harm, as well as discussing all the simple and effective things that parents can do to build children’s resilience.

Episode 44

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Hope Christie: Parenting with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

In this episode, Dr Weston talks to Dr Hope Christie about her research into the impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on parents, and the ways in which experiences of trauma affect their parenting and the wider family dynamic. The message is one of admiration for how parents suffering from PTSD manage to cope with the many everyday challenges that they face as parents. Trauma, and its impact, needs to be better understood by all of us. In learning more, we give ourselves and our children a better chance of thriving if and when it ever affects our own family.

Episode 43

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Elena Martellozzo: Young People, Pornography and Online Safety

In this episode, Dr Weston talks to criminologist, Dr Elena Martellozzo, about her research into young people’s feelings about, and experiences of, online pornography. They discuss how parents should approach conversations with their children about pornography and relationships, and also what Dr Martellozzo’s research found that young people would like to learn and talk about during sex education at school. They also explore the issue of online safety and how sex offenders operate in the online world.

Episode 42

Dr Kathy Weston Talks with Professor Susan Golombok: Non-Traditional Family Forms

In this episode, Dr Weston talks to Professor Susan Golombok about non-traditional family forms. They discuss the research evidence showing that children from families with same-sex parents, single mothers by choice and families created by assisted reproductive technologies generally thrive, in many cases more so than children from more traditional families.